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Where to Eat

Maynard has a ton of wonderful restaurants all along our beautiful Main Street. Take a walk down the street and you're sure to find something that looks good!

Breakfast and Lunch:

Babico's DinerA family friendly diner with great service and a classic diner theme.

35 Nason St (in the municipal lot in the center of town)

Boston Bean House - Coffee, tea, sandwiches & baked goods offered in a simple, roomy cafe with sidewalk seating.

102 Main St

Lunch and Dinner:

Azucar - Spanish Tapas Bar & Lounge. Excellent cocktails.

51 Main St

Cafe of India - The best Indian food around, seriously.

155 Main St

El Huipil - Comfy, neighborhood nook with folksy decor, sizable portions of classic Mexican staples & cocktails.

51 R Main St (in the municipal lot)

Little Pusan - Simple setting offering kimchi, bibimbop & other Korean eats for dine-in or takeout. Say hi to Chong for me.

83 Main St

Pleasant Cafe - Easygoing watering hole since 1945 with a dark wood interior & classic American pub fare.

36 Main St

Siam Village - Authentic Thai.

98 Main St

Smack Noodle - Ramen, Asian Street Food, and Sushi. Try the takoyaki.

45 Main St

Thai Chili - Established eatery specializing in traditional Thai dishes, including vegetarian ones.

40 Main St

After Dinner

Fine Arts Theater Creamery - Delicious ice cream and sweets right here at the theater!

Erikson's Ice Cream - Time-tested, window-serve stand doling out homemade ice cream in lots of rotating, seasonal flavors.

A short drive to 12 Great Rd

Amory's Tomb - Local brewery and taproom.

58 Main St

Sanctuary - Live music, bar and lounge in a beautiful renovated church. Get a drink or check out what event is going on. "Sanctuary was named to honor the history of the church and to let people know that we are a welcoming, safe environment."

82 Main St

Where to Stay

There's plenty of hotels in the area. Here are a few suggestions.


Did you know that Maynard is surrounded by some of the oldest towns in the country? With inns that date back to before the Revolutionary War, it's no surprise we have a lot of haunted hotels. The ghosts aren't all just in Salem!

Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Sudbury. The Wayside Inn is a beautiful historic colonial inn, with an on-site taproom and restaurant and complimentary breakfast. The ghost of Jerusha is believed by many to be spending much of her afterlife in the bedroom she used during life, room 9. Some guests in room 9, and also in room 10, have reported smelling Jerusha’s citrus perfume or feeling her sweep past them on the stairs. There have even been claims of being awakened by her touch or seeing her presence at the foot of the bed.

Colonial Inn, Concord. Walking down the hallways of Concord’s Colonial Inn, you may feel a chill going up your spine as the inn is known as a historically haunted hotel. Many guests make reservations for the notoriously haunted room 24 on the second floor. Room 24 was used as an operations room for wounded soldiers back in the 1770s. The Colonial Inn also has a lovely restaurant on site.


Here are some nice, probably not haunted hotels in a reasonable price range

The Inn on the Horse Farm, Sudbury

Embassy Suites by Hilton, Marlborough

Hilton Gaden Inn, Marlboroguh 

Motel 6, Framingham

Red Roof Inn, Framingham

Hampton Inn, Marlborough


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