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12:00 - 1:40
Trailer: She Who Dared
High Stakes

by Zachary Eglinton

Los Angeles

Two friends make a deal to end one's vampirism. Permanently.

fortune teller.jpg
Fortune Teller

by Julia Tutko-Balena 
Boston MA

Claire decides on a whim to get her fortune told. She gets more than she bargained for.

messed up.jpg
Messed Up

by Lucé Tomlin-Brenner
Los Angeles

Your worst habit could save your life.

pocket money.jpg
Pocket Money

by Alex DiVincenzo

Scituate MA

A mysterious heist yields unforeseen fortunes.

dream fatory.jpg
Dream Factory

by Ari Klawans
Natick MA

In a world revolving around the business of creating dreams via strange technology, a young woman grows up wanting to become a dream-maker, but is instead forced to make a nightmare.

cup of tea.jpg
Cup of Tea

by Diana Porter

Framingham MA

A mother struggles to find out the truth about what happened to her daughter.

Happy BirthGay

by Niv Manzur


Mom throws her son a grandiose surprise BirthGay party, celebrating a year of his coming out of the closet.

dont fall from grace.jpg
Don't Fall From Grace

by Carley Byers
Assonet MA

When Grace's body is puppeteered by a mysterious entity, her Mother is desperate to break her from the trance.

the trip.jpg
The Trip

by Jake Ronnow
Meridian ID

An acid trip in the woods between three best friends goes sideways after they discover one party member's diabolical plan to commit murder.

we forgot.jpg
We Forgot About the Zombies

by Chris McInroy

Austin TX

Two dudes think they found the cure for zombie bites.

raca poster.jpg

by Drew Saplin
Austin TX

Nacho, a socially inept, katana-wielding weirdo in search of connection, treks across his small coastal town on the 4th of July on a quest to find ice for his “best friends” in time for the fireworks show.


1:50 - 3:20
Trailer: From The Void With Love
good looking out.jpg
Good Looking Out

by Seth Chatfield

Peterborough NH

Claire and Steven find themselves lost on the way to a friend's house in the country, revealing troubling communication issues that steer them toward a darker destination.

the halloween party.jpg
The Halloween Party

by Erica Stockwell-Alpert
Maynard MA

A Halloween-loving mom throws a party for her kid's class.

sunset syndication.jpg
Sunset Syndication

by Joseph DiTavi, Owen Thayer

Maynard MA

In 1996, the country’s largest cable provider went defunct without a trace. A single tape reveals what happened on the day everything went to static.


by Costa Karalis

Atlanta GA

A nightmare-portrait of a young man dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and paranoia surrounding the irrational fear of people coming to take his teeth while he sleeps.

baba yaga.jpg
Baba Yaga Smoked Me Out

by Julia Berkey

Brooklyn NY

In this puppet-tastic queer 420 comedy, a heartbroken and unemployed dyke unknowingly smokes magical weed and summons the mysterious Baba Yaga-- an old hag witch that grants wishes for a price.

Bumpy the Clown

by Kyle Lindfors

Maynard MA

Death in the circus brings a failed, spiraling artist ever so closer to his grave. Fueled by nicotine, corn dogs, and motherly support, Bumpy provides a unique perspective of what it means to be an American.


All is futile; it's going to be a bumpy ride.


by Brandon Scullion

Las Vegas NV

A recently injured man has a wild fever dream that a Giant Foot monster known as Footzilla is attacking Las Vegas and he must rise to the occasion and defeat it.


by Scott W. Perry

 Amityville NY

A survivor of a cult is interrogated by a determined detective to understand the disturbing mindset of the cult's activities and its evil leader.

like going to a hardware store.jpg
Like Going to a Hardware Store for Bread

by Roque Nonini

Brooklyn NY

Tina’s meandering yarn of paternal alcoholism is cut short when her recalcitrant older sister crashes the friends and family of alcoholics meeting. The sisters’ thick as thieves bond unfolds as both dissonant and synergistic.


3:30 - 5:00
Trailer: Stakes
dead enders.jpg
Dead Enders

by Fidel Ruiz-Healy, Tyler Walker

Santa Monica CA

A disaffected, young gas-station clerk on the midnight shift must learn to give a damn about something after malevolent mind-controlling bugs are set loose by irresponsible oil drillers.


by Dylan Clark

Fairfax VA

Something goes wrong when a girl attempts to alter her appearance.

partys over.jpg
Party's Over

by Neil Willoughby


The night turns to terror when uninvited guests crash a Halloween party.

the longing poster.jpg
The Longing

by Rob Lee

East Walpole MA

A woman mourns the loss of the "love of her life".

the devil on derby street.jpg
The Devil on Derby Street

by Luke St. Germaine

Salem MA

Chelsea receives a nightmarish phone call and realizes her reality is not what it seems.

sweet dreams.jpg
Sweet Dreams

by Ashes Homon-Rahall

Grafton MA

A wife, desperate for sleep, seeks revenge for her exhaustion.


by Pol Diggler


Ona, a creative executive of a large company, is about to launch the latest technological revolution into the market: a device that allows listening to music directly inside the brain.

killing with kindness.jpg
Killing With Kindness

by Patrick Rahall

Grafton MA

A young woman learns that escaping from a masked killer is no piece of cake.


by Sloan Turner


An impulsive middle schooler playing a game of hide-and-seek soon realizes something sinister is hunting him and his friends.


by Chris Nolen, Micah Troublefield

Charlotte NC

A metal band finds a dead body in the woods and have to prove they didn't sacrifice it for Satan.

ten of swords.jpg
Ten of Swords

by Faye Jackson

United Kingdom

Jay wakes up dead - obviously murdered - and discovers that everything the agency told him about becoming a zombie was a lie. He wants to forget his former life and get on with his new reality, but he can't seem to stop his old memories flooding back, his new instincts kicking in, or the other zombies from following him. This revenge is happening.

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